Cell Tower Lease Rates

Retire off the money you get for your cell tower lease if you get a fair rate

Cell tower leases are capable of changing someone’s life. It all depends if you make a perfect deal out of it. A lease rate will fully depend on the bargaining power of the land owner. Cell tower lease negotiations should be taken seriously because it will determine the amount of money the land owner will get for a very long time, usually years. If a person doesn’t have any experience in negotiating cell tower lease, he/she should hire a cell tower lease expert to negotiate on his/her behalf to get the highest rate possible.

Here are some factors which will influence the cell tower lease rate you get:

Bargaining power

Most cell phone companies start their offers with low cell tower lease rates. It is therefore important to have perfect barging power in order to achieve the best lease rates. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a cell tower lease expert to negotiate on your behalf. A person is discouraged from using the lease rates of his/her neighbors. This is because they might have had a poor bargaining power. If you have a good bargaining power, chances are that you will get a high lease rate.


Lease rate is linked closely to the law of supply and demand. Desirability means how bad the cell phone company wants your land. If your property meets their demands to the point there is no comparable property, chances are that you will get a fair lease rate. You can increase the initial offer since there is no competition.

Use of cell tower experts

If you desire to get a god lease rate that will make you retire off, you should consider hiring a cell tower expert. A cell tower expert is specifically trained to negotiate better lease rates with the cell phone company on behalf of the land owner. The negotiation process is very sensitive as it needs an expert to maneuver around deals and come up with the best.

Securing co-location rates

It is common to find service providers subleasing the property to other companies. Most land owners are not aware they are entitled to enjoy rates since it is their land being used. In such cases, it is very important to seek advice or guidance from a cell tower lease expert. A cell tower lease expert will help you secure the lease rate you deserve.